Additional task settings

AutosyncDB additional task settings
Maximum number of SQL errors

The maximum number of SQL errors allowed. Exceeding this value leads to the subsequent break of task execution.

SQL command timeout, [sec.]

SQL command timeout.

R/W Encoding
  • Read encoding
  • Write encoding
  • Write BOM
File name timestamp format

A timestamp format of the task output file names. For example "_yyyy-MM-dd_HH-mm-ss" or empty value.

Do not log paths of executable scripts

Do not log paths of executable scripts to a task output if no errors have occurred.

Package information

The information to be shown in AutosyncDB Package Wizard that describes the task.

  • Title
  • Product
  • Configuration
  • Company
  • Copyright
  • Trademarks
  • Version
  • Description
  • Contact 1
  • Contact 2
  • Contact 3
  • Contact 4
  • Contact 5
Contact 1

Usually contains a company/product website. It is displayed separately from other contacts.

The contact field can be blank or must be specified in one of the following formats:






"caption" is a caption of the contact,

"uri" is a shell request,

"name" is a text (label) before the caption,

"lang" is a reserved language specifier field (not supported yet).

If the uri is specified, the shell start process will be used to open the contact with values: UseShellExecute = true, Verb = "open", FileName = uri.


Skype: |John Doe|skype:JohnDoeLoginExample?chat

Tel: |+0-000-000-0000|tel:+00000000000

Contact 2, Contact 3, Contact 4, Contact 5

Unlike the first one these contacts are displayed as a list. The format is the same.

Package information dialog for deploying database changes (example)

Package information dialog for deploying database changes to production

Deploy database changes Wizard (example)

Deploy database changes Wizard