The most Flexible, Simple and Fast tool


Compare and synchronize SQL Server database schemas

  • Easy update to the next version of the database schema
  • Reduces the time of development, testing and analysis
  • Helps to avoid errors


AutosyncDB Full Trial License

Full-featured 14 days trial version


AutosyncDB Free Light License

FREE version for comparing and synchronizing databases which contain no more than 30 tables

Large projects

AutosyncDB Full PRO License

Professional version for comparing and synchronizing databases without restrictions


  • Works with online databases and files
  • Flexible comparison and synchronization settings
  • Add, update and strictly match structures
  • Including CLR, security, permissions
  • Cross-server and cross-version work
  • Different strategies of COLLATION sync
  • Generate SQL script for different cases
  • Sync predefined data
  • Report results to Excel
  • Create transparent upgrade packages
  • Easy to use and very fast!
Compare and synchronize SQL Server database schema settings


AutosyncDB is a professional tool to compare and synchronize MS SQL Server database schemas in a few clicks. Flexible settings allow you to solve the task of comparison and synchronization at all stages, from software development, testing or analysis, to installing updates from version to version in the production environment.


The application is absolutely free for use in small and medium projects, where the database structure is not large and is payable for large projects and ERP level projects.

How does it work?

AutosyncDB reads the database structure (schema) from the system tables sys. or from a file, compares structures by given settings, builds a report in Excel. It can generate and execute SQL synchronization script to bring one structure to another.

Comparison and synchronization settings

The task settings tree in the form of a project allows you to get almost any required strategy of database comparison and synchronization for adding functionality, applying changes or bringing the structures to a full match. All of this is available for particular types of objects.

SQL synchronization script

During the SQL sync script generation, AutosyncDB takes into account the dependencies between objects, allows you to save the target settings and administration, replication, and all objects that are not a part of the template database structure.

Project and Task

Comparison and synchronization of two database structures are performed in the form of a task for the given project. Each task has its own settings pool, taken from the project. A project folder with predefined settings can be used as a transparent update package.

User interface

The application has an intuitive user interface and is very easy to use. Moreover, each setting in the task settings tree has its own description, just click on it.

Concept of database structure versions updating

Since 2001, our company has begun to apply an automated approach to update the database structure from version to version. The goals were to avoid the need to manually write update scripts, keep them accounted through versions, save developer time, and also exclude the human factor from this process as much as it possible (errors in update scripts, errors in their accounting, an order of execution, typos). Later, the task of comparative analysis of database structures was added. This was how the concept was developed, which we adhere to today:

A developer does not care about updating the structure as the whole. Attention requires only non-trivial cases in which you need, for example, to rename an object or to recalculate data. All other updating operations are performed automatically during synchronization, which ensures complete correspondence of all structure objects and predefined data.