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Compare and synchronize SQL Server database schemas

AutosyncDB is a comprehensive solution for comparing and synchronizing SQL Server database schemas along with predefined data. The idea is to automate the database update for each new version of an application using its new database as a source of sample schema and predefined application data.

In a few clicks AutosyncDB allows you to reveal the differences between database objects, analyze them, build your own customized synchronization script and deploy it. In addition, using the integration support you can run such a task for multiple databases on your servers, or export it as a package to provide client-side updates.

Learn more about Database Schemas Comparison and Synchronization with AutosyncDB, or just try it now. A FREE license is also available for small projects or study.

  Download AutosyncDB v2.3   

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  • Work with online databases and files
  • Cross-server and cross-version
  • Task-based and project-oriented
  • Build and deploy customized sync scripts
  • Merge predefined data
  • Create database update packages
  • Package Wizard for client-side updates
  • Integration support for all task types
  • Visualization of comparison results
  • Report to Excel
  • Advanced schema compare and sync settings
  • Add, update, or strictly match database objects
  • CLR, security, and permissions support
  • Alter default database COLLATION, including table columns
  • Target database selection approval test
  • Compatibility database test
  • Database backup before making changes
  • Prepare scripts execution
  • Append final scripts
  • Customized errors control
License and Pricing

AutosyncDB is available for trial for 14 days. To start using it commercially, you need to purchase an annual subscription. However, if you want to use it for study or your project is small, then you can use it for free, provided that the databases you work with contain no more than 30 tables.

For more information, see the Download database schema sync tool page.

How to with AutosyncDB

Show object differences between two schemas

An object differences document example in the application overview Show object differences between two schemas.

Basic task settings on how to Compare schema of two sql databases.

Sync database schema but preserve custom objects (indexes, tables, procedures, whatever)

Sync and comparison is configured by specifying actions, such as Create, Alter, Recreate, Drop, that are allowed to be performed on objects of a certain category. To sync your database schema and keep custom objects that do not exist in a source database, simply do not use the Drop action for their category. Learn more about how to sync database schema with AutosyncDB.

Analyze database schema changes before deployment
Analyze database schema changes before deployment