We are a dev team that has been working together since the first half of the 2000s. Most of our projects are related to business process automation using Microsoft SQL Server as the main relational data store.

Back in 2001, we faced the problem of updating client databases. Every month for an ERP project we were working on, more than 70 new tables could be created, 4 times more procedures, functions and triggers, even more indexes and many changes to existing functionality. That is when we started to pursue the goal of automating client database updates and came up with the idea of ​​creating our own tool for synchronizing database schemas.

As conceived, the developer has to care only of those changes that cannot be made automatically, such as data manipulation, dealing with incompatible changes to column data types, renaming tables, columns, and so on. And the next idea was to add support to migrate the predefined application data. Thus, since the development of this tool, we have only become interested in the schema and predefined data scripts for creating a sample version database, as well as small prep and post scripts for making some special changes to specific versions. It's all. No more huge update scripts, no more their management, no more related errors.

AutosyncDB is our second solution in this area. We have gathered both comparison and synchronization of database schemas and synchronization of predefined data under one roof. The tool is easy to use, to customize, to integrate.

We hope you enjoy AutosyncDB and it will be a reliable assistant for you at all stages, from development and testing to deployment in production.


Yaroslav Marochkin
Yaroslav Marochkin
Yaroslav is the co-founder and systems architect of AutosyncDB. He has a master's degree in electronics but has been working as a software engineer since 2004. His main expertise is database application development in their underlying architecture.


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