Create SQL script to synchronize database schemas

Create SQL script

Make the synchronization script. If this option is not set, the application will make only a report.

Make the synchronization script of the SQL Server database schema in AutosyncDB
Common script

Make the synchronization script as a common script without links to the concrete target database as far as it is possible.

Append refresh of Views & Inline Functions

More details about refresh of views and inline functions.


Append a custom script to the synchronization script to do any final steps that the target database needs. You can select the one SQL file or a script listing file. To create a listing of SQL files just select them in the order of their execution in the Dialog.

Expected files size, [Mb]

The expected size of the synchronization script files.


Execute the synchronization script on the target database.

Create and recreate dependent objects in SQL Server databases

The algorithm of the SQL script generation takes into account the dependencies between objects of the structure, which guarantees its correct execution in the practical majority of cases.

To build the correct sequence to create, alter, recreate or delete objects in a script, AutosyncDB uses ranking algorithms based on the dependencies between objects, including detection and processing the cyclic dependencies.

During the creation of objects that are dependent on each other SQL Server will produce the warnings:

The module 'x' depends on the missing object 'y'. The module will still be created; however, it cannot run successfully until the object exists.

This is a standard situation when one of the dependent objects is created first.